Tsawwassen Mills Mall Intelligent Transportation System

Tsawwassen Mills Mall expansion featuring new communication networks, roadway lighting, and special ferry off-load vehicle detection system and signal timings.

British Columbia
Tsawwassen First Nation

First Nations Mall Development Traffic Integration

The development of a 1.2 million square foot shopping mall on First Nations land including traffic signal upgrades and new traffic signals on a new road network, which were interconnected for coordination, remote monitoring and control, and traffic management.


TWD's Traffic Design Enhancements: Efficiency and Safety

TWD's design efforts accommodated the significant traffic fluctuations associated with ferry off-loading and its impact on the mall. Through a comprehensive lighting analysis, we implemented LED roadway lights with a sophisticated "dimming" and remote monitoring system, enhancing both energy efficiency and operational control. The installation of new signalized intersections and upgrades to signalized intersections, coupled with traffic signal coordination and remote management, exemplifies our commitment to optimizing traffic flow and safety.

The project extended to traffic engineering and electrical design for Highway 17 intersections including the introduction of new signals enhancing both infrastructure and traffic management systems.

Traffic signal upgrades.
New traffic signals on a new road network.
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