Refinery Sustaining Capital Projects

Investing in a refinery sustaining capital program at this 11,000 barrel per day refinery producing a diverse range of refined petroleum products.

Bradford, PA
American Refining Group

Expanding Workload in Diverse Capital Projects

Since 2015, TWD has been steadily building our workload at this facility focused on providing engineering services for a wide variety of sustaining capital projects. Their diverse product portfolio spans lubricants, solvents, waxes, and asphalt, catering to a wide range of industries. The refinery includes a crude distillation tower, naphtha splitter, platformer and lubes processing train.


Excellence in Design, Safety, and Efficiency

With expertise ranging from various system process piping designs and upgrades adhering to ASME B31.3 standards to the seamless integration of a Flare Gas Recovery System, TWD has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence. Our support in turnaround engineering, including intricate tie-ins, facilitation of smooth transitions during critical phases. Process unit audits coupled with the as-building of P&IDs has showcased TWD's dedication to refining documentation and operational efficiency.

The facilitation of PHA/HAZOP sessions underscores our emphasis on safety, ensuring that our clients operations adhere to the highest standards. These collective achievements highlight our pivotal role in contributing to the success and advancement of refining operations.

Executing sustaining capital projects since 2015.
Projects completed.
11,000 Barrels/day
Petroleum products available across numerous industries.
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