Project Management

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TWD’s experienced project management team is known for our planning, scheduling, and multi-tasking skills, through which we bring every project from concept to completion.

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What We Do

We allocate resources, set realistic timelines, and execute on each project to deliver exceptional outcomes for projects of every size and complexity. Our complete EPCM approach ensures seamless coordination and comprehensive oversight from start to finish.

Project cost control and progress monitoring is a critical element of successful project execution.  Establishing a project budget, tracking actual costs during execution, and general performance of the project team are key elements to project control. PERFORM™ enables us to monitor actual progress versus budget using our Earned Value or CPI processes.

  • Earned Value Reporting Utilizing Key Metrics
  • Preparation of Earned Manhour and Physical Percent Complete Reports
  • Preparation of Engineering Discipline and Total Engineering Physical Progress Curves
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Reporting Milestones, Activity, Issues and Concerns

TWD understands that changes on projects do happen. We have a formal change management process for the proper control and effective execution of our work. This includes monitoring of scope and early identification of potential cost or schedule risks.

  • PCN Process
  • Communication and Timing

PERFORM™ considers the need for proper project/resource planning and scheduling and offers control systems and procedures in support. Depending on the project requirements, work will bebroken down to the appropriate level of detail with a Work Breakdown Structure, including deliverables and associated tasks/activities. Level 1, 2, or 3 schedules will be developed, maintained, and assessed.

Schedules will continue to be developed, updated, and assessed as part of our normal project reporting process.

TWD monitors both critical path and near-critical path items to ensure opportunities, issues, and risks are identified as early as possible to allow for improvement or course correction.Schedule performance is measured by Schedule Productivity Index (SPI).

  • Resource Loading
  • Constructability Studies
  • Construction Planning
  • Critical Path/Milestones

Management of Risk is a key part of a good project management approach.  With PERFORM™, risk management starts with an evaluation of the opportunity presented to TWD by the client.  A risk matrix is completed, which allows TWD to determine if it should proceed further with the project opportunity (i.e., complete and submit its proposal).

Management of Risk is a key part of any good project management approach. As part of our project initiations, we will typically provide a project risk assessment looking at cost, schedule, and quality/scope risks to the project. Appropriate risk elimination/mitigation strategies are developed at the onset. This risk matrix is maintained throughout the project to ensure the project team remains focused on delivery.

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