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We understand that not every organization can fill every role a project requires. By applying our deep understanding of your work, we can source and supply seconded, multidisciplinary resources to fit the project.

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What We Do

Our proven site secondment program (TWD@Client) assists our clients with short to long-term experienced resources who are knowledgeable, dedicated, and reliable. Our services work as an integrated team with our clients to earn and achieve profitable growth, appreciation, and success through the commitment of our people.

Our extensive roster can provide a strong core team suitable for the work planned, with a commitment to our clients to provide continued support to daily operations and to the project as it develops. We deliver the resources our clients need to confidently reach their goals.

  • Focused on industry best practices
  • Seconded TWD employees vs. independent contractors
  • Intimate knowledge of the work to source and supply the right candidates
  • Our employees have access to back-office support and other resources (standards, templates, software, etc.)
  • Readily support additional services through our secondments
  • Authentication and validation of Professional Work Products (PWPs) can be done by other TWD engineers in support of the seconded engineer
  • Our engineers operate and can stamp under TWD’s permit to practice
  • We remain available for additional project work, small supporting assignments, or future secondments
  • We offer a career path and a future for secondees which will attract the best talent
  • Our technical staff are managed under our Professional Practice Management Plan (PPMP) and Organizational Quality Management Plans (OQM)
  • Engineering covered by our comprehensive professional liability insurance
  • All Onboarding and Human Resources Support
  • Time Tracking, Invoicing, and Approved Travel Scheduling/Ticketing 
  • Training
  • Regular Communication with Site Professional and the Client 
  • Temporary or Project-Based Placements
  • Manage Risk, Time, Cost, and Quality 
  • Locally Based for Prompt Response
  • Timely Coordination with Client and the Technical Team
  • Full Integration with the Client’s In-House Team
  • Advanced Software Knowledge 

  • Engineers (Civil/Structural, Process, Electrical, Instrumentation, and Mechanical)
  • Designers (Piping, Electrical, Civil/Structural, Instrumentation, and Mechanical)
  • Construction and Maintenance 
  • Project Leads, Analysts, and Controllers
  • Planners and Schedulers
  • Health and Safety Advisers 
  • Cost Analysts and Cost Controllers
  • Document Controllers 
  • Procurement 
  • Subject Matter Experts 
  • Turnaround Support
  • Integrity Experience
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