Overpressure Protection Facilities

Encompassing numerous safety and environmental upgrade initiatives aligned with the Canada Energy Regulator compliance program, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Ontario & Quebec

Pipeline Safety and Environmental Upgrades

Since 2016, TWD has been supporting our client by working towards completing numerous safety and environmental upgrade projects associated with the Canada Energy Regulator (CER) compliance program. In 2022, TWD successfully commissioned our 12th and final pumping station for a major pipeline operator who distributes fuels throughout Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta. The goal of the project was to ensure overpressure protection mitigation measures were applied for a reliable and safe operation of the pipeline system and while meeting environmental requirements. The completion of the project will provide us with the energy we need more safely.


Six-Year Project with Perfect Safety Record

This project was six years in the making. Within this time frame, TWD and our client completed 24 shutdowns successfully and above all with a perfect safety record. Using teamwork and collaboration, we developed and implemented safe execution and cost effective, fit-for-purpose solutions to overcome numerous unique challenges along the way. Through comprehensive project management, engineering, procurement, construction management, and commissioning, we ensured the seamless integration of overpressure protection mitigation measures across the pipeline system. This not only guaranteed a reliable and safe operation but also met stringent environmental requirements. The implementation of pressure relief systems at delivery/meter stations and check valve bypass lines in numerous booster/pump stations showcased our dedication to optimal functionality. The commissioning of 12 pumping stations and the flawless execution of 24 shutdowns underscored our efficiency and adherence to safety protocols, resulting in a perfect safety record. Working concurrently on 4-6 sites, we not only completed construction in parallel but also maintained a commendable trend on schedule and cost, attaining a harmonious balance between operational excellence and regulatory compliance.

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