Liquefied Natural Gas Facility

Developing strategic natural gas infrastructure in Northern Ontario to lower energy costs, reduce GHG emissions, and support economic development for industry and communities.

Northeast Midstream

Remote Northern Ontario LNG Facilities for Cost Savings and Emission Reduction

New liquefied natural gas depots (LNG Plants) including storage and regasification facilities (LNG Depots) at numerous remote locations in Northern Ontario. The small-scale LNG facilities will extract natural gas from the TransCanada pipeline, located on the property, refrigerate the gas to form LNG which will then be loaded onto trucks for delivery to LNG Deports at each location and converted into natural gas for distribution. The facilities will be equipped with ASME and TSSA certified processes and equipment, as well as all required infrastructure and ancillary buildings required to support and maintain site equipment. The facilities are expected to provide LNG capacity up to 360,000 gallons/day and be scalable for easy expansion in the future.

The result of this project will save customers approximately $9 million per year on fuel costs as well as reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions by 32,000 TCOE per year.


Integrated Engineering and Compliance for LNG Facilities

Initiating with conceptual engineering and design for local gas delivery systems, our team conducted studies to confirm equipment sizing and requirements for parallel trains, supplemented by value engineering studies to optimize efficiency. The integration engineering design of the selected option and the development of TIC CCE showcased our commitment to strategic decision-making. Major equipment selection and the meticulous development of EPC bid packages were complemented by thorough permit applications, including environmental, site planning, and public consultations, demonstrating our dedication to regulatory compliance. The completion of Archaeological Site Specific Assessments (Stages 1-3) underscored our commitment to responsible project execution. Working closely with our client and the Regulator (TSSA), we designed LNG systems, obtained approvals in the absence of existing Ontario Standards, and conducted risk studies and safety assessments in adherence to Ontario regulations. Our services extended to detailed engineering across various disciplines, including process, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, piping, and civil/structural. With a single point of accountability for construction management, we ensured optimal productivity, quality, and safety performance, while station siting, preliminary plot plans, and environmental considerations were meticulously addressed. Models and data provided crucial support for permitting and approval efforts with jurisdictional authorities, solidifying the success of our project across its multifaceted dimensions.

Total installed cost
32,000 TCOE/year
Of greenhouse gas emissions reduction.
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