Tonawanda Pipeline

The replacement and abandonment of various pipeline sections.

Tonawanda, NY
United Refining Group

Jet Fuel Pipeline Reconfiguration for Terminal Supply

Supplying jet fuel to the terminal through an NPS 6 pipeline, which feeds from the existing NPS 8 products pipeline. The original pipeline was installed in the 1950’s to supply other terminals from the refinery. Around the 1990’s the refinery was removed, and tanks retained as a terminal location, at which time the line flow was reversed.


Optimized Infrastructure Study and Compliance Planning

The in-depth study for engineering incorporated the evaluation of existing NPS 8 and 6 Energy Transfer pipeline terminals, ensuring a thorough understanding of the existing infrastructure. The development and planning of the concept design and routing were pivotal in optimizing the project's efficiency. Capital cost estimating provided a realistic financial framework, contributing to informed decision-making. Site investigations were conducted with precision, and preliminary regulatory, land, and environmental strategies were developed, laying the groundwork for compliance and sustainability.

70,000 bpd
Of crude oil capacity.
78 Miles
From Buffalo to Warren.
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