Hydrocarbon Terminal Upgrade Projects And Railcar Offloading Upgrade

The Hydrocarbon Terminal and Railcar Offloading Upgrade initiative, a dynamic undertaking encompassing three major projects that seamlessly integrate conceptual studies, engineering expertise, and procurement services.

Sarnia, ON

Three Major Projects: Drying, Storage, and Loading

Three major projects involving studies, engineering, and procurement services. The three projects included Hydrocarbon Drying Unit Conversion, Ethane/Propane Terminalling and Storage Facilities, and Butane, Isobutane and RGB Terminalling, Storage and Loading Facilities.


Successful Hydrocarbon Terminal and Railcar Offloading Upgrades

Executed Hydrocarbon Terminal Upgrade Projects and Railcar Offloading Upgrade initiatives, including the conversion of an existing ethylene processing unit to liquid ethane/propane drying service. Implemented Hydrocarbon Drying Unit Conversion by upgrading dryer vessels, molecular sieves, adsorption processes, and regeneration processes. Developed Ethane/Propane Terminalling and Storage Facilities, encompassing C4 storage, terminalling, and loading capabilities, handling normal, iso, and mixed butanes. Established Butane, Isobutane, and RGB Terminalling, Storage, and Loading Facilities, facilitating the transfer, storage, loading, and shipment of isobutene, RGB, and propane between Pembina and third-party sites. Notably, conducted a Rail Car Offloading Upgrade, elevating propane and RFG butane rail car capacity from approximately 90m3/h (8 railcars per day) to 210m3/h (24 railcars per day) at the facility, all while fast-tracking these projects.

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Top tier client.
5.4B Cubic Ft.
Total capacity.
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