Steel Works Tent Warehouse

Thorough engineering to transform the existing tent structure into a storage warehouse.

Braddock, PA

Transforming Steel Plant into Storage Warehouse

The upgrade of a steel production plant producing liquid iron and refined to steel. The project entailed comprehensive engineering services to convert the current tent structure into a storage warehouse.


Optimized Infrastructure and Electrical Efficiency

TWD seamlessly provided detailed engineering for the building's enhancements. The installation of a concrete slab on the west/south side of the building significantly bolstered the infrastructure, providing a durable and functional apron capable of handling HS20 truck loading. Simultaneously, the rerouting of power from the existing 480V panel board, strategically positioned in the southwest corner, to a new distribution panel in the southeast corner has optimized electrical efficiency.

This reconfigured power distribution system is specifically engineered to energize winding heaters on motors stored within the facility, ensuring a reliable and targeted power supply.  The project's success lied not only in the tangible improvements to the building's foundation and electrical layout but also in the strong attention to optimizing functionality for specific operational needs.

2.9M Net Tons/year
The facility boasts an annual raw steel production capability of 2.9 million net tons.
100 Years
Active steel mill for over 100 years.
2 of 4 Facilities
TWD is currently providing engineering services for two out of the four facilities.
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