Innovative Pyrolysis Technology Facility

The project is a pioneering cleantech development project.

Thorold, ON
CHAR Technologies

Renewable Gas and Biocarbon Production Expansion

The project is a pioneering cleantech development project. The process involves a high temperature pyrolysis (HTP), converting woody materials and organic waste into renewable gases (renewable natural gas and green hydrogen) and biocarbon (activated charcoal “SulfaCHAR” and solid biofuel “CleanFyre”).  The expansion will play a vital role in contributing to a low-carbon economy, aligning with Canada's Net Zero targets by utilizing low-grade wood as an alternative fuel source.


CHAR Tech Partners with TWD for Project Success

This project is backed by the Governments of Canada and Ontario, with an investment exceeding $11.3 million to expand CHAR Tech's commercial high temperature pyrolysis facility in Thorold, ON.

This innovative facility will transform wood waste into renewable natural gas (RNG) and biocarbon. This transformation not only diverts large quantities of waste from landfills or burn sites but also contributes to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 30,000 tonnes. This reduction is equivalent to taking more than 9,000 passenger vehicles off the road.

The CHAR Tech and TWD team are currently working through the detailed engineering phase of the project to ensure the facility's seamless operation, optimal efficiency, and adherence to the highest environmental and safety standards.

“The CHAR Tech team conducted an extensive evaluation of potential partners for this project, aiming to find a seasoned group that aligns seamlessly with our team's vision.” explained Andrew White, CEO of CHAR Tech. “We look forward to collaborating with the TWD team to ensure the project's success.”

Tonnes Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions. By diverting waste from landfills or burn sites, renewable natural gas (RNG) and biocarbon lead to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to removing more than 9,000 passenger vehicles from the road.
500,000 gigajoules of RNG
Capacity to annually produce 10,000 tonnes of biocarbon and 500,000 gigajoules of RNG which is enough gas to heat 5,500 homes.
The facility is set to be the largest RNG facility in Canada and the only one to exclusively utilize woody biomass.
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