LED Retrofit Program

The development of a province-wide LED retrofit strategy.

Alberta Transportation

Province-Wide LED Retrofit Strategy for Alberta's Roadside Lighting

The development of a province-wide LED retrofit strategy. The project included the retrofit of existing lighting and installation of new lighting at numerous sites including intersections, highway sections, interchanges, and other roadside facilities in Alberta.


Comprehensive LED Retrofit Program Success

The project exemplified our end-to-end capabilities, covering preliminary and detailed design, utility coordination, tender packages, procurement, construction, and post-construction services. Our AGi lighting calculations ensured precision in design and functionality. Our team confirmed ownership of infrastructure and updated utility inventory for unmetered loads to ensure cost savings for the client. In the pursuit of energy efficiency, we evaluated LED luminaires, developed product specifications, and provided a conversion chart from HPS to LED. The culmination of our efforts was a comprehensive report detailing existing infrastructure conditions, challenges, opportunities, and a strategic plan for the LED retrofit program. This information was presented to Alberta Transportation's Technical Services Branch, Project Managers, and Operations personnel, showcasing our commitment to informed decision-making and successful project implementation.

Sites including highways, intersections and interchanges.
Streetlight systems will be operating as LEDs by the end of the program.
Per year in reduced power and maintenance costs.
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