Municipal Pump Stations

Recognizing the pivotal role that efficient pump stations play in the municipality's overall functionality.


Revitalizing Pump Stations Across Canada

In response to the pressing need for enhanced infrastructure, TWD has completed various pump station projects for numerous municipalities across Canada. This includes mechanical and electrical revitalization projects occurring within several pumping stations to address and fix the items that have been identified in the condition assessment reports.


Regulatory Compliance and Technical Expertise

Tasked with the intricate challenge of completing numerous municipal pump station projects, TWD navigated the unique needs and demands of each municipality. Our engineering services not only met the technical demands of these projects but also navigated the intricacies of varied regulatory environments and local requirements. Upgrades included the installation of a temporary power system and permanent heating, alongside the removal of the 100kW indoor diesel generator and associated equipment. Our feasibility investigation explored three replacement options, addressing structural modifications and gas line connections. Options evaluation for a new diesel or natural gas generator, removal of the generators, and the replacement of buried fuel systems demonstrated our commitment to optimal solutions. The projects also involved advising on required permits, preparing tender documents, and providing crucial engineering and design support during construction.

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