Greenstone Mine

Development of one of the largest gold mines in Canada contributing to the global gold supply and fostering economic growth in the region.

Greenstone Mine

Northern Ontario Gold Mine with High Production Capacity

An open-pit gold mine, processing plant, and ancillary facilities located in Northern Ontario. The mine will produce more than 400,000 oz. of gold annually for the first five years and more than 5 million oz. over its initial 14-year mine life. The project encompasses the former Hardrock, MacLeod-Cockshutt and Mosher underground mines. Infrastructure includes a process plant operating 365 days per year and a mill with throughput averaging 27,000 tonnes per day.


Enhanced Electrical Infrastructure Services

TWD has significantly contributed to the success of the Greenstone project through its comprehensive electrical infrastructure services. Our involvement included providing crucial support to the overhead line design, power distribution, and overall electrical design. One standout achievement was the engineering services for a new 44kV/13.8kV overhead power line, a vital component of the project's power infrastructure. The power line overhead design not only facilitated the supply of construction power but also ensured the provision of temporary power to the camp. TWD demonstrated adept coordination with key stakeholders, including Hydro One and the Electrical Safety Authority, underscoring our commitment to safety and regulatory compliance.

27K Tonnes
Per day.
Total installed cost.
Overhead power line design.
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