QEW / Credit River Improvement Project

Embarking on the complex task of relocating refined hydrocarbon products pipelines, our team collaborates closely with the Ministry of Transportation, ensuring a seamless and efficient execution that prioritizes safety, precision, and regulatory compliance.

Mississauga, ON

Pipelines Relocation and Sound Barrier Installation

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) requested that two refined hydrocarbon products pipelines be relocated at the Credit River crossing and Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) to allow for the twinning of the QEW bridge across the Credit River, and at Lynchmere Avenue and Premium Way to facilitate the installation of a sound barrier.


Successful Pipeline Installation with Regulatory Compliance

The successful outcomes of our project can be attributed to meticulous overall project management oversight, ensuring seamless coordination and execution. Collaborating closely with the Ministry of Transportation, we navigated regulatory landscapes effectively. Our project management expertise shone through in performing diverse tasks, including four different HDD operations, open-cut sections, above-ground valve station, and the decommissioning of existing facilities and pipelines. Striving for excellence, we maintained an unwavering commitment to the project's schedule and a zero-incident target. The orchestration of multiple crews working concurrently on welding, pre-hydro testing, drilling, excavation, and the preparation of ESD valve sites exemplified our efficiency and versatility. Whether handling new construction or decommissioning, our applications were marked by precision and thoroughness, culminating in the overall success of the project.

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