Natural Gas Fired Heater Upgrades

Multi-year gas-fired heater upgrade programs offer a strategic and phased approach to optimizing energy efficiency, ensuring regulatory compliance, and enhancing overall operational resilience over an extended timeline.

Shell Canada

Multi-Year Gas Heater CSA B149.3 Compliance Upgrade

A multi-year gas fired heater CSA B149.3 upgrade program covering three gas plants. The heaters are used for process-heating in facilities, and line heaters for natural gas gathering system pipelines. The project included 288 pieces of equipment requiring compliance upgrades, ranging from 2-5MM BTU gas fired line heaters, and up to 20MM BTU forced air boilers and process heaters.


Efficiency-Driven Compliance Program for Gas Plants

Organized into three distinct areas corresponding to the three gas plants, we developed a comprehensive program that seamlessly integrated engineering estimates and estimated TIC for various types of equipment. Proactively identifying wells or equipment that might be out of service before the mandatory compliance date, we prioritized bad actors and meticulously categorized non-conformances based on risk levels (H, M, L) and proximity to compliance. The engineering phase involved updating and creating standardized document packages for construction, ensuring consistency across all equipment. Construction and compliance inspections were conducted with precision, and the entire process was strategically scheduled over a 6-month window. This scheduling and staging not only kept contractors consistently engaged but also avoided construction in winter months, minimizing the impact on production during heater outages and mitigating risks associated with site access. This holistic approach ensured not only compliance but also optimal efficiency and productivity throughout the project timeline.

Pieces of equipment.
Gas plants.
up to 20MM BTU
Forced air boilers and process heaters.
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