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Refining & Upgrading

TWD has a significant history in the refining industry and has held positions in operations, maintenance, projects, process, logistics and senior management.

Our project capabilities range from small plant upgrades to large grass roots facilities. TWD provides optimization services to assist our clients with improvement of current operating assets. Our refining track record includes experience with the following processes and critical equipment.

  • Amine

  • Alkylation

  • Asphalt

  • Blending, terminalling & transfer

  • Catalytic cracking & reforming

  • Crude and vacuum units

  • Critical compressor systems

  • Delayed coking

  • Distillation

  • Environmental units

    • FGD reduction units

    • SCR reduction units

    • NOx reduction units

    • CO2 reduction units

    • Water treatment

    • Oily water treatment

  • Flare systems / flare gas recovery

  • Gasoline desulphurization

  • Hydrogen plants

  • Hydrocracking

  • Hydrotreating

  • Isomerization units

  • Lubricants refining

  • Solvent de-asphalting and visbreaking

  • Utilities and offsites systems

    • Cogeneration

    • Cooling tower / cooling water systems

    • Renewable fuels blending

      • Biodiesel

      • Ethanol

    • Steam generation

    • Sulphur recovery

Oil Sands Recovery

TWD experience includes the development, implementation and optimization of projects in areas of and mining facilities.


TWD also provides services to assist our clients with the optimization of current operating assets in the following areas:

  • Conventional oil production / processing systems

  • Primary heavy oil production

  • Steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) systems

  • Steam generation and piping systems

  • Material conveying and equipment design

  • Tankage and transfer

Midstream & Pipeline

TWD experience includes pipeline and midstream processing facilities including the following areas:

  • LNGs, NGLs, ethane, propane, butane, condensates, crude oils

  • Vapourization

  • Liquefaction

  • Gas processing

  • Extraction

  • Fractionation

  • Sulphur removal

  • Pipelines

  • Pipeline integrity and maintenance

  • Pumping and compressor stations

  • Custody transfer systems

  • Terminalling, Storage and Blending

Suncor Sarnia Refinery Project




Location:     Sarnia, ON

Project Highlights:
  • Over 100 projects completed since 2012

  • TWD has provided project management, engineering, and procurement services for a large number of sustaining capital projects.

  • Upgraded projects including process engineering, piping design, and civil works.

  • Mechanical specialty studies (pipe stress, lifting lugs, integrity, metallurgical investigations)

  • Replacement of piping, valves, pumps, and vessels

  • Various civil upgrades (pipe racks and supports, road crossing 'coffins')


  • Operation and maintenance technical support

  • Turnaround Engineering Support

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