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We have launched TWD@Client! 

A site secondment program that assists our clients with short to long term experienced resources who are knowledgeable, dedicated and reliable. 

"TWD@Client services works as an integrated team with our Clients to earn and achieve profitable growth, appreciation, and success through the commitment of our people @Client."

TWD@Client Services:

  • All onboarding and human resources support

  • Time tracking, invoicing and approved travel scheduling / ticketing

  • Training 

  • Regular communication with the site professional
    and you the client

  • Temporary or project based placements

  • Manages risk, time, cost, and quality

  • Locally based for prompt response

  • Timely coordination with client and technical team

  • Full integration with client in-house team

  • Specialized skill sets

  • Advanced software knowledge

  • Focused industry best practices 

TWD@Client Roles:

  • Engineers - Civil / Structural, Process, Electrical, Instrumentation, and Mechanical 

  • Designers - Piping, Electrical, Civil / Structural, Instrumentation, and Mechanical

  • Construction and Maintenance

  • Project Leads, Analysts and Controllers

  • Planners and Schedulers

  • Health & Safety Advisors

  • Cost Analysts and Cost Controllers

  • Document Controllers

  • Consultants

  • Drafters

  • Procurement

  • Subject Matter Specialists (i.e., Refinery Experts)

  • Turnaround Support

  • Integrity Experience

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