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PERFORM™ engages our people, clients and suppliers, through our belief in “Together We Deliver”. 

As an industrial service provider, quality is critically important in our business. TWD has therefore invested in the development of an in-house quality management system called “PERFORM™”, that includes policies, procedures and work flows within our business environment to ensure quality in our final deliverables.


A focus on the quality of TWD’s deliverables is a critical factor in elimination of health and safety incidents, re-work, cost overruns, delays in schedule, impacts to client planned production, etc.


The PERFORM™ process includes the following “key areas”:

  1. Develop – focuses on the evaluation and validation of project viability

  2. Execute – focuses on the delivery of projects from concept to reality in a safe, efficient and timely manner

  3. Optimize – focuses on assisting clients with sustaining and improving business performance of existing assets and operations


TWD's PERFORM™ Project Execution Process and Quality Management System have been created to ensure the development and execution of the highest value projects for our customers. Our PERFORM™ process has been based on our industry experience, PMI PMBOK, and ISO9000 principles.


PERFORM™ program works by providing a foundation for organizational operations. PERFORM™ gives our human resources access to the best tools and procedures in order to maximize performance.


Our overall QMS is based on the principles of ISO 9000 and PMI PMBOK and follows a typical outline of high level procedures and processes that makes our in-house system ISO compliant.


Further to this, TWD has established several policies, procedures and work flows to support our overall program including but not limited to SAFE design checklists and squad check procedures.


PERFORM™ is the essence of everything we do at TWD. Simply put, it is a project execution process developed by TWD that strives to ensure successful completion of projects in a way that provides the greatest results to our clients.


PERFORM™ is a thorough and comprehensive program unique to TWD that gives us the opportunity and ability to produce superior results compared to our competitors.


The PERFORM™ program aligns our core values, core purpose and brand promise with business procedures and job execution guidelines across the organization. This approach helps us to ensure we not only continuously look for improvements and gains in efficiency but also look to preserve and build TWD’s strong culture here in our workplace with and for our people.


TWD has developed its own intranet system which serves as our central hub for quality programs, people, user information, opportunities and internal communications.


We believe this combination works best to provide optimal outcomes for everyone with PERFORM™.

Protecting Health & Safety 

TWD is committed to a strong health and safety program that will provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace for our employees.

TWD is committed to meet or exceed acceptable industry practices and legislative requirements. Management and employees are responsible and accountable for the company’s overall health and safety program. Participation by everyone, every day, in every job is necessary for the safety excellence TWD expects. Management supports coordination of health and safety among all workers on the job site. Management supports the Health Safety Security and Environmental Program by providing proper equipment, training and procedures, safety meetings, promotion of working safely and wherever possible, improving safety measures. 

A healthy and safe workplace is our goal with a “Target Zero” objective in mind.  By fulfilling our safety responsibilities, everyone who works for TWD will share the benefits of a safe workplace, which is essential to the success of the business.

Guiding Principals 

  • All incidents can prevented

  • Prevention of incidents makes for good business

  • Working safely and in an environmentally manner are conditions of employment

  • Integration of environment, health and safety considerations into business plans, facilities, designs and services that we  provide

Audit Score
Target 0
IEC Certified
1,500,000 +
Hours Worked
IEC Injury Prevention
CanQual Certification
WCB Highest Standing
WSIB Highest Standing
Alberta Construction Safety Association
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