Together We Delivered the Safe, Reliable Distribution and Delivery of Power

March 15, 2023

Did you know? Since 2013, TWD has completed hundreds of utility projects for a major Distribution and Transmission Company in Edmonton, AB.

With TWD’s support, our client delivers electricity to commercial, industrial, and residential customers throughout the City of Edmonton. Our team has a proven track record of strengthening and improving electrical infrastructure to ensure the safe, reliable distribution and delivery of power. This critical infrastructure provides electricity distribution and transmission services to help power people’s lives and connect communities to the power they need.

TWD provides electrical engineering services for a variety of projects from concept through to construction. This has included successfully designing and delivering the following projects:

  • Lifecycle pole replacement program (approximately 100+ poles per year) analyzing poles for end-of-life structural integrity and providing replacement solutions
  • Transformer, cable and switching cubicle asset replacements
  • Design of underground power distribution systems, including cable and duct sizing, concrete encased duct-bank design, distribution vault design, transformer replacements and cable pull specifications
  • Overhead Line Design, including non-linear loading analysis of poles, insulators, cross-arms, and other line components. Creation of stringing charts, sag-tension, profile drawings and layout drawings
  • Liaison and coordination with property owners, customers, utilities, rail companies, municipal departments, Alberta Infrastructure and Alberta Transportation
  • Permit applications (Ministerial Consent, Right of Entry, ULA, Environmental Permits, highway proximity, pipeline proximity, overhead/underground crossings, easement applications)
  • Third party joint-use application creation and review
  • On and off-site construction support

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