Together We Delivered Sustainable Waste Management and Environmental Solutions

September 13, 2023

Did you know, recycling lead generates 63-73% fewer emissions? Our client specializes in a diverse range of waste streams from generation through collection, processing, recovery, recycling, reuse and disposal of end-of-life batteries, helping industries manage their environmental responsibilities and minimize waste.

TWD has partnered with a leading provider of lead battery recycling to create innovative, clean, and sustainable solutions.

TWD’s Eastern Team is continuing to provide engineering services to enhance and support our client’s mission of sustainable waste management and environmental solutions. This includes delivering seamless and successful projects such as:

  • Several maintenance and plant upgrade projects
  • Renovation of a warehouse facility into an office space
  • Building expansion permit package and application
  • Installation of two pre-engineered fabric storage facilities to house batteries
  • Existing plant infrastructure study
  • 3D scanning of entire interior facility
  • Field support to ensure repairs and installations are performed as specified

Get in touch with Tayseer Elsabawy and let's collaborate together to redefine the future of battery recycling, one innovative project at a time.

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