Together We Delivered Engineering Services to Facilitate Improvements for a Major Pipeline

February 14, 2024

TWD’s HELLAS Team is excited to unveil the successful completion of their most recent project!

Our HELLAS team has been actively involved in supporting the detailed engineering phase for a new temporary pig trap. Notably, the absence of permanent pig traps at these locations necessitates the design of a new temporary pig trap and associated piping changes.

The HELLAS team provided Civil, Structural, Mechanical, and Process engineering services for our valued client. More specifically, the team supported in the design phases leading up to the Issued For Construction (IFC) phase of this project, including:

Civil Structural – Analysis & Design:

  • Conducting structural analysis and designing the platform to meet project requirements.
  • Evaluation of the integrity of an existing slab on grade and development of platform foundation analysis and design, providing a unique solution in support of fast-track construction activities by eliminating excavation needs and minimizing new concrete pedestals curing time.  
  • Preparation of Concrete drawings for construction.

Process – P&ID Development:

  • Preparation of P&IDs for construction.
  • Ensuring accuracy and relevance by updating the respective Line Designation Tables (LDT).

Mechanical - Modeling and Stress Analysis:

  • Replacement of a series of pipe spools utilizing CAESAR II for meticulous modeling and stress analysis to ensure the structural integrity of the proposed design.

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