Together We Deliver Optimized Process Solutions for the Metals Industry

April 10, 2024

Ever wondered just how crucial metals are in shaping our world, from infrastructure and transportation to manufacturing and innovation?

Metals like Steel and Aluminum are vital components in buildings, bridges, roads, and other structures. They provide strength, durability, and versatility, allowing engineers and architects to create safe and efficient designs.

Advanced Alloys and Materials are continuously developed to meet the evolving demands of modern industries, leading to breakthroughs in areas such as renewable energy, healthcare, and communication.

TWD’s US Division has been supporting Leading Metal Producers in the United States to optimize metal processes for increased productivity and efficiency while assisting in the development of sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact and comply with safety regulations.

Our clients produce a wide range of products from Nickel-Based and Cobalt-Based Superalloys, Titanium-Based Alloys, and Specialty Steels to Flat-Rolled and Tubular Products serving the Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Chemical Process, Energy, Manufacturing, Medical, and Industrial Equipment Industries.

TWD’s US Team works closely with clients to Plan, Design, and Execute Projects including:

  • Site Selection
  • FEL-1 Planning and Estimating through Construction, Commissioning, and Start-Up Support
  • Comprehensive Installation Engineering Packages
  • Pre-Outage and Outage Site Support
  • Hot Strip Mill Rougher Automation Upgrades
  • Pump House Switchgear Replacements and Upgrades
  • PLC Programming and HMI Screen Development
  • SO2 and NOx Monitoring Support
  • Tank Bulk Storage Systems
  • Heavy Gauge Bright Annealing Furnace and Processing Line Installation Support

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