Together We Deliver Engineering Solutions for Elevating Edmonton's Transit Infrastructure

October 11, 2023

Exciting times ahead as TWD contributes to enhancing the City of Edmonton's transportation infrastructure!

In collaboration with Marigold Infrastructure Partners, TWD’s Western Team is continuing to support Edmonton’s largest infrastructure expansion project – the Valley Line LRT.

The Edmonton Valley Line West LRT will have 16 stops (14 street level, 2 elevated) over its 14-kilometer length, connecting Lewis Farms to downtown Edmonton. The LRT project significantly enhances connectivity within the City, linking neighborhoods, business districts, and major hubs. This improved connectivity simplifies commuting and facilitates easy access to various parts of Edmonton, creating a more interconnected and resilient urban environment.

The Valley Line West LRT represents a significant investment in the City's infrastructure, with the goal of fostering sustainable, efficient, and accessible public transportation for the benefit of Edmonton's residents and future generations.

Our team is providing engineering services for executing the streetlighting design scope of work throughout various areas of the project including:

  • New streetlighting pole/luminaires, cables, conduits, streetlighting cabinets/panels
  • New decorative pedestrian and streetlight poles
  • New pocket park lighting and illuminated bollards
  • New intersections and crosswalk lighting
  • New tree lighting/receptacles along the streets
  • Existing streetlight removal along the main LRT corridor
  • Reuse existing streetlighting poles/luminaires and associated cables/panels at neighborhoods

Together, lets pave the way for a smarter, more connected future in transportation!

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