Together We Deliver Engineering Solutions for Elevating Edmonton's Transit Infrastructure

April 27, 2023

TWD is proud to be a part of the largest infrastructure expansion project in Edmonton’s history!

Over the past 5 years, TWD has been working on the Valley Line LRT Project, a 13.1 km southeast stretch between the southeast of Edmonton to the Downtown core.

The Valley Line LRT will connect passengers to major destinations within the City of Edmonton providing a more affordable, accessible, and sustainable transportation option.

This new addition includes 11 stops with new signalized pedestrian crossings; Davies elevated transit center which includes a full Park & Ride; new bridge spanning North Saskatchewan River; a total 800m Tunnel; an interchange at existing Churchill station and 12 Utility Complexes.

TWD’s prime role throughout the construction stage of this project included providing electrical engineering services for:

  • Guideways
  • Operation and Maintenance Facility
  • Utility Complexes
  • Duct Banks
  • Stations
  • Stops
  • Tunnels
  • Field reviews
  • Calculations and studies for power distribution, grounding, lightning, fire alarm and life safety
  • Electrical track heating systems
  • Spot inspections
  • Review and approval of material shop drawings, inspections and test plans, and commissioning plans

Want to learn more about all the sights you can see and places you can go to on the Valley Line Southeast LRT? Check out TransEd-Edmonton Valley Line LRT video series below!

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