Together We Deliver Comprehensive Design Services for Electric Vehicle Charging Facilities

April 24, 2024

Did you know our team has completed numerous Electric Vehicle (EV) related projects?

TWD has been at the forefront of supporting the shift to sustainable energy solutions through the design of EV charging stations for public, municipal and government clients.

TWD’s team has the expertise in house to complete your electric vehicle and battery electric bus charging projects. We design our projects prioritizing accessibility, environmental impact with current infrastructure, minimal infrastructure adjustments, and cost efficiency.

Our team is attending Electric Autonomy EV & Charging EXPO - the leading electric vehicle and charging trade show and conference, from May 1 - 2, 2024. If you’ll also be in attendance, we would be happy to connect! Reach out to Tayseer Elsabawy, and Hosker Nicole,

Let's power up, collaborate, and redefine the future of transportation together!

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