Meet Our Growing Buildings and Infrastructure Team

August 23, 2023

Lets get TWD working for you! Contact our team members with any engineering needs and we can collaborate together to create tailored solutions that address complex challenges at hand.

Meet our rapidly expanding Buildings and Infrastructure team in Burnaby, BC! A unique group of passionate professionals who bring together a diverse array of skills and expertise to continually deliver value and drive impactful outcomes.

  • Peter Yu – Regional General Manager
  • Sean Kennedy – Senior Project Manager
  • Kaila Buchanan – Business Development Coordinator
  • Arnold Con – Manager, Building Services Electrical
  • Larry Cadiente – Intermediate CAD Technician
  • Ned Djordan – Electrical Engineering Specialist
  • Steve Huang – Senior Electrical Engineer
  • A.E.(Tony) Porter – Senior Electrical Designer & Project Manager
  • Robert Hewitt – Manager, Building Services Mechanical
  • Antonio Barroso Castellano – Senior Mechanical Engineer
  • Danilo Ilic – Senior Mechanical Engineer & Project Manager
  • Happy Wong, CPD – Senior Plumbing Designer
  • Robin Fynn – Intermediate Mechanical Designer
  • sabrina xiao – Senior Mechanical & Project Engineer
  • Mathew Bond – Manager, Infrastructure & Transportation
  • Anant Shah – Design & Drafting Technician
  • Colin Commandeur – Electrical Engineering Specialist
  • Henry Wong – Engineer-In-Training
  • Kyle Hujber – Design & Drafting Technician
  • Rohullah Gawhari – Electrical Designer
  • Ying Lei Huang – Senior Design & Drafting Technician

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