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TWD understands the challenges of procurement on industrial projects. Pricing and more often delivery can contribute significantly to the overall success of the project. In some cases our relationships include pre-negotiated discounts or other favourable terms.

TWD maintains a comprehensive supplier database. We have significant pre-existing relationships with equipment suppliers and contractors.

Our team can help develop project procurement strategies through to complete procurement and expediting services.

TWD integrates the procurement of projects with current clients by first working to understand and further clarify their team capabilities and limitations. In turn, TWD looks to work with our clients to complement their procurement teams as needed.


All Small and Sustaining Capital Projects will typically have some form of Procurement Plan, reviewed and approved by the client. Such procurement plans may vary significantly in complexity with each project. These levels of effort by TWD may vary with each project and client’s requirements.


Services include:

  • Based on EQ’s and CWP’s, prepare scope of work and commercial requirements and issue for vendor pricing

  • Bid reviews, selection and award process (material requisition preparation and PO issuance as agent to Owner)

  • Vendor & sub-contractor pre-qualifications and selection

  • Preparation of equipment and material requisitions

  • Tender, evaluation and award of equipment and material bids

  • Contract preparation and negotiation

  • Material expediting and receiving

  • Invoicing approval and payment scheduling

  • Vendor document control

  • Shipping coordination

  • Shop inspections

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